Someone Sent The Cubs A Severed Goat Head, Because Sane People Do That

At 3-5, the Chicago Cubs aren’t exactly already eliminated from the NL Central race, but apparently one Cubs fan decided that this season was over before it ever really even started. Yesterday around 2 p.m., a man pulled up to Wrigley Field in a truck and handed off a box to a security guard…

Haha, not so fast, Brad. He instructed the guard to deliver the box directly to Cubs owner Tom Ricketts. The box never made it to Ricketts, though, because that nosey security guard and his buddies opened it first and found…

… a severed goat’s head in it. I know, there’s not much suspense when it’s right up there in the title. Let’s just thank God nobody knows where Steve Bartman is these days.

Goats are part of Cubs lore, dating back to a supposed curse placed on the team by the late Billy Goat Tavern owner William Sianis during the 1945 World Series after Sianis’ goat was denied entrance into the park.

Columnists including Mike Royko and David Condon helped popularize the legend, and Cubs officials over the years have repeatedly denied the existence — or at least the relevance — of the curse.

Ricketts was unavailable for comment Wednesday night. (Via the Chicago Tribune)

What if this works? What if all the Cubs needed was for one irrational and likely insane fan to lop the head off of a goat and deliver it to Wrigley Field in order for the team to win a World Series for the first time in 105 years? That would be pretty funny. In the meantime, I’d like to suggest a new meme of goats screaming along with celebrity renditions of “Take me Out to the Ballgame” at Wrigley. So get on that, video wiz kids.