Son, You’ve Been Traded

03.02.11 8 years ago

This is why blogs are awesome. Basketbawful writer “Evil Ted” tried to make sense of the Celtics’ dubious Kendrick Perkins trade the only way he knew how–by “trading” his son for another boy down the street.

This past weekend, I tested Doc Rivers theory and traded my 9-year-old son (the one I felt has the least potential) to another family for their son. I made sure to trade my son to a family that wasn’t in my grammar school district, so that I wouldn’t have to worry about his talents impeding my own family’s success (at least not until high school rolls around), and I made sure that I got a kid who’s skills filled some voids, and would compliment the skills of the rest of my family.


The video of Ted breaking the news to his son is pretty great; it’s the best performance by a child since Pearl McKay from “The Landlord“. Hey, foster homes can do a lot for some people. Superman grew up in a foster home…along with a lot of criminals. Meh, most folk heroes started out as criminals.

via Skeets. Of course.

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