The Sooner Schooner Crashed During Oklahoma’s Game Against West Virginia

The Oklahoma Sooners are continuing their march towards a potential Big 12 championship. Should that happen, the Sooners — which boast a high-powered offense led by Alabama transfer Jalen Hurts at quarterback and an improved defense — would almost certainly get a spot in the College Football Playoff for the third year in a row.

Basically, it’s a good time to be someone associated with the Sooners, which sit at 6-0 and played hosts to the West Virginia Mountaineers on Saturday in Norman. But everything has an exception or two, and during the game against the Mountaineers, the folks who navigate the Sooner Schooner had a pretty bad time.

The horse-drawn wagon that serves as a mascot for the football program made its way onto the field on Saturday. At one point, the horses that pull the wagon turned while it was going a little too fast, and as such, the Schooner went tumbling to the ground.

In a statement to Nicole Auerbach of The Athletic, Oklahoma confirmed that everyone who was on the wagon, along with the horses that pulled it, were ok. The culprit, the school posits, was how weight was distributed “among riders in the rear.”

The important thing, of course, is that everyone is fine and nothing happened to the horses. As for the game, the Sooners throttled the Mountaineers, with Hurts accounting for five total touchdowns.