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During last night’s Rookies vs. Sophomores game for NBA All-Star Weekend in Dallas, the Sophomores looked like they could learn a thing or two from the new kids on the court.

“We got our butts kicked in every aspect of the game,” said Patrick Ewing, the Orlando assistant coach who headed the sophomore squad. “I know it’s an All-Star game, but we didn’t play with enough pride in my eyes. They outplayed us, they outhustled us, they outscrapped us.”–Fox Sports

Apparently Minnesota Timberwolves forward Kevin Love, who put up just 12 points and 6 grabs, predicted a “lopsided victory” over the Rookies.  So, that’s probably what doomed them right there–letting one of the Wolves predict your success.  That and the Rookies definitely went out with something to prove.  And prove it they did with record-setter DeJuan Blair snagging 23 rebounds and 22 points.  Impressive as that may be, the game’s MVP trophy actually went to teammate Tyreke Evans, who scored 26 points.  However, he wanted to share the accolade with Blair after their 140-128 defeat of the Sophs.

Evans, the league’s top-scoring rookie and 14th overall with 20.3 points a game, made 11 of 15 shots to go with six rebounds and five assists. Milwaukee rookie Brandon Jennings had 22 points and eight assists, and James Harden from Oklahoma City also had 22 points.

“Everyone came out and contributed,” Jennings said. “DeJuan Blair … that’s amazing right there.”–Fox Sports

Even Russell Westbook’s phenomenal 40 points weren’t enough to pull the Sophomores out of their slump.  Defense was non-existent and they didn’t want it enough.  Even though it is All-Star Weekend and doesn’t really count for anything, everyone out there should be playing like All-Stars for the people that voted them in.  Except Kevin Love.  Those must’ve been pity votes.  But it was nice to see Brandon Jennings teach everyone a lesson by saying he was going to break assist records and not even coming close with 8.  You show’em!

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