Sorry, Burnsy: ‘Total Divas’ Is Getting Six Additional Episodes

Back when WWE announced the reality show ‘Total Divas,’ I assumed we’d get a month of shoved-down-our-throats promo videos, nobody would watch it and it’d be quickly forgotten forever. Jojo and Eva Marie would go back to their Hawaiian Tropic jobs or whatever and WWE would refocus on adding more dubstep (more, more!) to their WWE Network ads. Our man Ashley Burns is great at covering wholly-unnecessary popular culture for UPROXX, so I said “hey Burnsy, you should do a recap of ‘Total Divas.'” Also, I wasn’t gonna f**king watch it.

He did. And guess what? ‘Total Divas’ turned out to be a “home run,” giving the E! Network its highest debut in a year, INCREASING in viewership the following week and gaining more viewers in a post-Raw rerun than Impact Wrestling gets ever. In celebration, WWE and E! sent out a press release announcing that the original 8-episode order of ‘Total Divas’ had been increased to 14. 14. Sorry, Burnsy!

The press release:

E! has picked up six additional episodes of its popular new series “Total Divas,” which offers the first-ever look into the world of the WWE Divas both inside and outside the ring, bringing season one to a total of 14 episodes. The product of two entertainment giants, E! and WWE, teaming with reality hit maker Bunim-Murray Productions (“Keeping Up With The Kardashians”), “Total Divas” has successfully attracted infatuated pop culture enthusiasts who have made the series an instant hit after only three episodes. The series’ sexy stars have let cameras into their glamorous private lives, their sometimes rocky romances and behind the scenes of their hectic sports entertainment careers. Building on its ratings success and enormous social media buzz, E!’s “Total Divas” will continue with new episodes airing Sundays at 10pm with a summer finale on Sunday, September 15 at 10pm. The six additional episodes will debut this fall starting Sunday, November 17 at 10pm ET/PT only on E!

“Our audience has embraced ‘Total Divas’ in a big way and we’re excited to build on the show’s tremendous momentum with six additional episodes,” said Jeff Olde, Executive Vice President, Program Development. “For many women, WWE Divas possess aspirational personalities because of their glamorous lifestyles and international stardom, but it’s their genuine and dynamic personal lives that have truly captivated so many viewers.”

Yep, dynamic personal lives like this:

Or captivation like this:

And genuine moments like so:

And moments that make you feel sorry for Natalya, like this:

Wait, sorry, that was the ACTUAL wrestling show.