Mystery Solved (Kind Of): Turns Out OSU Girl Was Probably Sitting With Her Boyfriend

The Internet’s first breakout star of 2015, who we’ll forget about in three days before dimly recalling her in the final week of December in a “best memes of the year” post, is OSU Girl, who was doing…well, just what was she doing with the fella sitting to her right? That we still don’t know, but we’re pretty sure we know the identity of the mystery man: it was her boyfriend, despite what some websites implied earlier in the day.

Gawker claims to have found her cousin’s Facebook page.

Meanwhile, someone on OSU’s Reddit page wrote:

They went to my high school- I’m pretty sure they’ve been dating for at least a little while so the side dude thing is off. Not sure what her reaction was for. (Via)

Sorry everyone, but the most obvious answer is probably the right one. I do, however, still subscribe to the “in reverse, she’s hiding her booger” theory.

Via Gawker