Sorry About God Being Dead, But Here’s The Dallas Mavericks Performing ‘What Do The Mavs Say?’



If you needed confirmation that the Dallas Mavericks are officially done as a franchise and ready to be packed up, put into storage and replaced with some draft picks and dudes with the personal standards to not wear a Mordecai from ‘Regular Show’ hat and do a barely-rewritten parody of Ylvis’ ‘What Does The Fox Say?’ PLEASE BATHE IN THE WEALTH OF CONFIRMATION THAT IS THE DALLAS MAVERICKS PERFORMING ‘WHAT DO THE MAVS SAY?’


If Samuel Dalembert is to be believed, the Mavs say “chicken noises.”

I’m gonna go lie down for the next month, call me when the Mavs figure out how to CGI Dirk’s face over that crying baby listening to its singing mother.