01.07.10 9 years ago 6 Comments

Dave Spadaro has apologized for spitting on the Dallas Cowboys’ 50-yard line logo, only a day after he released video of the act onto the internet. Making it all the more delicious is that Spadaro is (for now) actually an employee for the Philadelphia Eagles, as head writer for the team’s website. Begin backpedaling in three…two…

As you may have seen, I went too far with my Spudcam video prior to Sunday’s game against the Cowboys,” Spadaro writes. “Acting alone, and without permission from the Eagles organization, I walked out to the middle of the field at Cowboys Stadium and spit on the Cowboys star, and for that I deeply apologize to the outstanding Cowboys organization and the fine people there, from Jerry Jones to the rest of the team.” –PFT.

When they first rolled out AstroTurf, somebody said, “It looks nice, but where do you spit?” Right on the star seems like as solid an answer as any. Besides, I bet people spit in Texas all the time. It’s just what you do there, after eating ribs and chasing immigrants back over the border. Vid via KSK.

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