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Steve Spurrier's prized quarterback recruit Stephen Garcia has run into trouble with the law for the second time in two weeks. Arrested in mid-February for public drunkenness (he's nineteen, by the way), Garcia added another arrest over the weekend by allegedly keying a professor's car.

What comes next? Why, it's the half-hearted public apology

"I am sorry for all the events of the last couple of weeks and accept full responsibility for my actions,” Garcia said… "I am committed to changing my behavior and making positive contributions to the community.”

Garcia… [also] accompanied his parents to a meeting with USC president Andrew Sorensen and got a haircut.

Not the Jesus locks! But he was so rakish with that unwashed flowing mane! This is a travesty for Gamecocks fans. First your quarterback stops keying cars, then he gets his hair cut, then he loses that devil-may-care edge. Next thing you know, you've got Brad Johnson as your quarterback. Conservative haircut = slow and immobile.

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