Here’s Adele’s ‘Hello’ As You’ve Never Heard It Before Thanks To Southern University’s Incredible Marching Band

Adele’s newest single, “Hello,” has taken over the music world the last few weeks, as pretty much anything that Adele creates tends to do. It’s had more than 2.5 million digital downloads in its first four weeks, but has never been heard like this. Over the weekend, the Southern University Marching Band (also known as the “Human Jukebox”) played it at the battle of the bands during halftime of the Bayou Classic, the long-running game between Southern and Grambling State.

You may be shocked to notice that the marching band doesn’t actually march in this video, but there’s a good reason for that — they have to absolutely wail to do Adele justice. Not only do the trumpets hit the high note, they do it at such a volume, it has to raise the hair on any warm-blooded individual’s neck. The “Dancing Dolls” do the movement work for them in the foreground, anyway.

Grambling State wound up taking home the trophy for the football portion of the Bayou Classic, but I think we all know who the winners are: those Southern U trumpets.