In Soviet Russia, Your Knee Strikes Knock Out YOU

Aside from “Kate Upton,” Russia is our favorite place in the world. The sports there are wonderful, whether they’re getting heated over a game of darts, relighting a burned-out Olympic torch with a cigarette lighter or dancing like Don Flamenco over amateur wrestling victories. Even the seemingly harmless sports like women’s tennis end with somebody getting a DVD player smashed over their head.

It is in that spirit that I present to you MAN KNOCKING OUT SELF WITH OWN KNEE, aka the finish to MMA promotion ProFC’s Herman Yakubov vs. Boris Miroshnichenko fight. Here’s all you need to know: Boris went for a kick, Herman countered it with a knockout blow of his own, and as Boris was collapsing in defeat he somehow managed to knee himself in the face, knocking himself out further. Yes friends, it’s a double KO with only one kick, and it is spectacular.

I’m excited for their rematch, just to see how Boris manages to guillotine choke himself to death.

[credit to ZProphet for the GIF]