‘Space Jam’ Music Makes Everything Better, Like Dunking On Toy Hoops

Thanks to LeBron James and Warner Bros. Space Jam is finally relevant again for reasons other than pure nostalgia. Then again, it’s not like we wouldn’t post this cool montage of a guy wilding out on the toy hoop in his office set to a cover of the theme song from Space Jam anyway.

The Reddit user who posted this video said the dunker in question just got laid off by his job, which is shutting down the office in the video. One helpful commenter said what we were all thinking:

Being a hip company and trying to boost employees’ morale with a toy basketball hoop is a great idea in theory, but this guy’s bosses clearly underestimated the allure of the toy basketball hoop. I’m pretty sure I had the same model (if that is indeed the Fisher-Price it looks like) when I was a kid, and I did perform acts similar to this YouTube video, though because I was shorter, I never landed before finishing the dunk — a violation which torpedoes the whole enterprise.

(Via Reddit)