Congratulations To Spain For Their Unbelievable Amount Of Sex

His words, not mine.

The first thing you need to know (and if you care, you probably already know) is that Spain skunked Italy 4-0 on Sunday, winning the Euro 2012 trophy and establishing themselves as one of the best soccer teams ever.

In doing so the Spanish also established a record three tournament victories in a row having also triumphed at Euro 2008 and the 2010 World Cup.

We may be witnessing the greatest team in football history, one that threatens to put the Brazilians in the shade. (via The Sun)

The second thing is that part of “success” sounds like “sex”, so when you’re excited and trying to spit out out, you occasionally boast about how Spain’s national team has tons and tons of sex. That’s what happened to BBC’s Alan Shearer, and though he quickly corrected himself I’m moving forward with the image of Spain (as a whole) plowing women so thoroughly and effectively that the British guy in the background just kinda makes an impressed face and gives a thumbs up.

The Freudian slip is blow.

Sorry, below.

Let’s hope Shearer can visit Spain sometime next year for the Running Of The Balls.

[via The Guardian UK]