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You may remember Spain from such racially-charged incidents as “Let’s throw racist slurs at Lewis Hamilton and threaten his life” and “Just about everyone on our Olympic team posed for some slant-eye photos before going to China.”  So really, it’s not exactly surprising that a soccer star made a public appearance in blackface.

The Spanish traditionally celebrate los Reyes Magos de Oriente, whereby the three biblical kings visit the houses of children and dish out gifts, like an ethnic triumvirate of Father Christmases.

As part of their continuing quest to maintain ambivalence towards overt racism in society, Real Madrid’s Sergio Ramos was invited to take part in the most recent Reyes Magos Eve procession, where he donned blackface, a turban and a pimp ring.

This is horrible, and someone seriously needs to start kicking Spain’s ass in gear so they stop coming off as bigots.  But on the other hand, Spanish people are just so damn attractive.  It’s like trying to stay mad at the hot blond Nazi in the third Indiana Jones movie.  Elsa.  Sure, she hated Jews… but look at that bone structure!

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