06.30.08 10 years ago 13 Comments

We close the book on the rain-soaked, freaky-ceremonied Euro 2008 tournament with a final round of congratulations to the Spaniards.  Inarguably the tourney's best team, Spain's European title will only add to the expectations piled on the shoulders of Cesc Fabregas and Fernando Torres at the 2010 World Cup.

And if a World Cup title means more Spaniards dancing around in their underwear and spraying champagne on each other, then I'd like to get in line for the bandwagon now.  Because if there's one thing I love, it's tight-bodied, champagne-soaked soccer players celebrating in their underwear.  Listen, it's not gay; they're just celebrating each other's athletic prowess.  Surely we can all appreciate that.

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