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One of the nice things about Europe, you know, aside from the fact that you could sit on your ass all day on the government’s dime, is that they don’t have the big stigma about alcohol. I blame the mothers of all the lightweight drinkers that die in car crashes. And the fact that our professional sports teams have never paid out bonuses in beer.

The Spanish players will each receive their weight in beer from sponsor Cruzcampo after winning Euro 2008 at Austria and Switzerland in June. Liverpool goalkeeper Pepe Reina will be the happiest after tipping the scales at 95.6 kilograms (211 pounds). Villarreal winger Santi Cazorla is the lightest player on the squad at 70.4 kilograms (155 pounds).

The grand total? 1,742 liters for the 23 players on the roster – the equivalent of 5,200 bottles.

This is almost as sweet as the deal for the North Koreans, who were paid their weight in 14-year-old girls. And to think my uncle did time for having that same idea. No wonder he always had so much candy in his glove compartment.

[Machochip, via FOX Sports]

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