Speaking Of ‘The League’, Jon Lajoie Wrote ‘The Best Christmas Song’ Of All-Time

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12.17.12 3 Comments

This isn’t necessarily sports news, because it’s really about an actor from a show that really isn’t about fantasy football, but we don’t talk about The League enough here and that’s borderline criminal. (Especially since I may never fulfill my dream of writing a full breakdown of how I hate that The League isn’t more interactive with the actual NFL season and how sometimes they’re just completely wrong, but also how much I love how wrong Andre is about football yet he’s that dude who wins despite his idiocy – “Deion Sanders? I almost drafted him this year!” – and can we talk about how much I love that he’s engaged now to a woman who is just like him? Seriously, that show is evolving so well despite being based on such a limited premise.) Wait, what were we talking about?

Oh yeah, Jon Lajoie, who plays Taco on The League. If you weren’t familiar with Lajoie before the hit FX comedy first aired, you need to spend the rest of the day watching all of his hilarious YouTube music videos, including “Show Me Your Genitals”, “Pop Song” and “Everyday Normal Guy”, among others. Seriously, go do it. It’s better than working or giving your cat a bubble bath.

Now Lajoie is back with “The Best Christmas Song” and it’s equal parts obnoxious, annoying and hilarious as usual. Some people don’t care for Lajoie’s brand of comedy and I respect that, but I also counter with – Would you rather watch Bill Engvall? I didn’t think so.

As much as I love Lajoie as Taco, though, he’s still no Rafi. Rafi = The Greatest.

(H/T to Dog and Pony Show)

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