SPHL Holds ‘Military Appreciation Night,’ Lets Its Goalies Murder Each Other

Pro Wrestling Editor
11.12.12 17 Comments

Test of strength!

I have a new favorite MMA fight: SPHL goalies Ross MacKinnon and Kiefer Smiley ending ‘Military Appreciation Night’ with a post-buzzer brawl to settle the score after the Pensacola Ice Flyers’ 4-3 victory over the Mississippi Surge.

It’s got everything. MacKinnon lands a stiff, snap left to start the fight and you think he’s going to steamroll this guy, but the punch just causes Smiley to HULK THE HELL UP and whomp the dog shit out of MacKinnon for the rest of the fight. It’s glorious. The fight is over before they reach the boards, but the refs let it go, and Ross learns an important lesson: never f**k with a guy with ‘smile’ in his name. He will END YOU.

And while we’re on the subject of names, I absolutely do not want to know where the ‘Mississippi Surge’ got their name, or what that is.

Video of this epic showdown is below, courtesy of our friends at Puck Daddy:


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