Watch This Fighter Get Absolutely Flattened By A Spinning Kick To The Head

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The most devastating possible moves in combat sports are usually the most telegraphed, and thus are the rarest to land. But sometimes, a fighter leaves himself open for a split second, and a difficult to pull off maneuver ends up landing. This is how highlights are born.

Take for example Muay Thai kickboxer Gary Laws. According to this Instagram description, he was doing well and winning the first two rounds, likely with his clear size advantage, but in round three he was complacent for a single moment and ended up on the receiving end of Fred Cordeiro’s vicious spinning back heel kick. Now he is unconscious, and his opponent is dancing a little jig out of pure, violent joy.

Look at the force “Spinning Fred” (I’m calling him that now, and you should, too) puts on the kick. He literally takes himself off his own feet because he throws his back leg with such power. You know it’s an impressive knockout when the ref does a double-take at the sheer ferocity of it all.

This is the beauty of kickboxing in all of its forms. When you don’t have to worry about the takedown, some incredible action can be created.

(Via AGeorgiuMMA)

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