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Ashley Stewart, the woman who was the target of Larry Johnson’s alleged drink-spitting incident, is now suing the Chiefs running back.

Monday’s lawsuit does not seek specific monetary damages, only an amount that is “fair and reasonable to be determined by the jury.” Stewart’s lawyer, Kirra N. Jones, said her client’s injuries are real.

“She has been subjected to not only the initial incident, but the humiliation that stemmed from that,” Jones said. “Basically, what we seek to do is to hold Larry Johnson responsible for his actions and hopefully send a message to him and the community that this is not going to continue.”

Yes.  Finally, one brave a lawyer is putting an end to this pandemic of drink-spitting.  Having a drink spit in your general direction is so traumatic and embarrassing.  Honestly, I don’t even know how Ashley gets up every morning and faces the day.

[Arrowhead Addict; more bikini pics of Ashley here]

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