Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Erin Heatherton’s Dad Wanted Her To Be The Female Dennis Rodman

Keith Olbermann isn’t always the sports media’s leading source of hot takes and invitations to woodsheds. Every now and then, the former SportsCenter anchor turned political finger-wagger turned sports yapper likes to have a little fun and talk about things that don’t make people irrational and mean-spirited. For instance, last night he welcomed Sports Illustrated Swimsuit rookie Erin Heatherton to his show, not to talk about what it’s like to appear in her first issue of the iconic annual magazine or how it reportedly took her 14 hours to prepare for a shoot, but to just talk sports with a big time sports fan.

Specifically, Olbermann wanted to know why such a diehard Chicago sports lover is somehow a New York Rangers fan and not a fan of “Chicago’s one good team,” the Blackhawks. Heatherton also described how her father was a typical loudmouthed sports dad when she played basketball as a child, as he demanded that she learn how to box out like Dennis Rodman. But beyond showing off her “sports chops” and being the frontrunner for the SI Swimsuit Issue Rookie of the Year, Heatherton proved that she knows how to do the most important thing in sports – make fun of the Knicks.