The Best Sports Video Game Tournament, Round 1: The Non-Traditional Sports

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03.16.17 8 Comments

With March Madness comes a sort of bracket lust only be satisfied with tournaments that have nothing to do with college basketball. So, we are asking you: what is the best sports video game of all time?

To organize this field of 64 in a way that makes some sense, we’ve narrowed them down to different categories — the left side of the bracket will be the 32 games from the major American professional sports, the right side is everything else.

On Wednesday, we released the 32 ‘major sports’ video games half of the bracket. Today, we’re unleashing the other half of the field — the 32 ‘non-traditional’ video games (sorry, fans of these sports; this label is for organizational reasons only).

Next week, we will cut the field in half based on the result and move onto round 2.

Non-Big Four Sports Bracket

The Soccer/Racing/Whatnot Region

No. 1 Pro Evolution Soccer 6

The FIFA series may have been dominating stateside, but European and Japanese gamers flocked to Pro Evolution Soccer 6 with its deep gameplay that allowed players to do just about anything they could think of with the ball.


No. 16 Pigskin Footbrawl

It’s a Viking rugby game in which you can straight up murder your opponents. It only made brief appearances in the arcade and on Genesis in the early ’90s, so it’s stealing a Blood Bowl spot because those who played it, loved it.

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