‘Spygate’ Case Thrown Out Of Court

05.21.10 8 years ago 4 Comments

The civil case brought on by a New York Jets fan over the New England Patriots’ illegal use of video equipment was thrown out of U.S. appeals court earlier this week. Carl Mayer, a lawyer and New York Jets season ticket holder, sought $185 million in damages for Jets fans on the basis that the game’s outcome had been predetermined.

“We do not condone the conduct on the part of the Patriots and the team’s head coach, and we likewise refrain from assessing whether the NFL’s sanctions (and its alleged destruction of the videotapes themselves) were otherwise appropriate,” Senior Judge Robert E. Cowen wrote for the three-judge panel.

However, he said Mayer failed to prove any legal right to damages.

“At best, he possessed nothing more than a contractual right to a seat from which to watch an NFL game between the Jets and the Patriots, and this right was clearly honored,” Cowen wrote. –Cape Cod Times.

I think I have a better shot of beating Raphael Nadal on claycourt and snorting coke with Lindsay Lohan in the same day than I would in winning a lawsuit against the NFL. Mayer, despite being an attorney, actually hired another attorney, Bruce Afran, to make his case.

“(The opinion) seems to suggest that no matter how much ticket holders pay, they can be defrauded by NFL teams. And it puts the NFL on the same level as professional wrestling,” Afran said.

We’ve discussed this already: you have to be insane to buy season tickets when you can get NFL Sunday Ticket for a fraction of the price while you sit on your own couch. Granted, I love paying for overpriced food and peeing in a giant metal bathtub with ten other dudes, but I don’t think I’m gonna sue for that privilege. Not when I live so close to the freeway.

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