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David Lander, who played Squiggy on the '70s/'80s sitcom Laverne & Shirley, is an associate scout for the Seattle Mariners.  Lander has MS (multiple sclerosis), and scouting for the M's works well with his schedule to promote awareness for the neurological disorder.  I imagine the people who attend these talks are upset when they discover the lecture is about MS and not the M's.  Ah, the hilarity that ensues from miscommunication, just like an old sitcom.  Except the plot is implausible, just like an old sitcom – no one would willfully attend a discussion about the Mariners.  Anyway, Squiggy is a lifelong baseball fan:

An ardent baseball fan since the age of 4, he adopted the Pittsburgh Pirates as his favorite team because he liked the alliteration of the name (he still speaks wistfully of the Bucs' days in Forbes Field).

Many Pirates fans are wistful.  By the way, in Pittsburgh, 'wistful' is a colloquialism that means 'ugly and pissed-off'.  Lander uses a wheelchair now because of his condition:

In these new stadiums, they build them handicap-accessible," said Lander, who concealed his MS so he would not be excluded from acting roles because of misconceptions about MS. (He was let go from the production of Conan the Destroyer because the director thought he was drunk on the set), "but in the older places, like Yankee Stadium, it's an afterthought."

That's a good idea.  The next time my boss accuses me of being intoxicated, I'll say I have MS.  Of course, I have to find new job first.  Too bad this story wasn't around on Monday, or I'd still be making the donuts. -KD

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