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St. Andrew's Net is With Leather's daily link dump. Certain scientific studies have linked excessive link consumption to several reproductive dysfunctions. Just as they were intended to do. 

  • Joe Sports Fan whips up a set of Brett Favre for those hoping to relive this maddening saga over and over again in the future. Might go well with my set of genocide cards. Though I'm still missing card no. 27 (Armenia). Any got that one, shoot me a message.
  • Red Sox Monster discovers Sox fans rallying for the thawing of Ted Williams. Hey, wait your turn. Jim Nabors isn't done yet!
  • Merkin Sports learned that the erstwhile Pacman Jones taught Dave Campo to do the Superman. And I learned Bar Rafaeli is single again. I think my lesson has more useful stalkerish applications.
  • Holy Taco provides instructions for a hat. But what about my jimmy hat?
  • Ralph Friedgen assigns buffet line order for players on the road based on GPA, so reports Deuce of Davenport. But when he goes first, does it really matter.

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