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St. Andrew’s Net is With Leather’s daily link dump. It won’t blow the play dead before Jay Cutler has a chance to fumble.

  • SportsbyBrooks uncovers video of the 82-0 Slovakia women’s hockey blowout of Bulgaria. You would expect that footage to come as some embarrassment of the people of Bulgaria, but they’re just happy not to be confused with Bulgari.
  • Flatusyahu finds a new endorsement for Vince Young. If it’s shoes, you might want to remove the laces first.
  • Walkoff Walk finds yet another seemingly sympathetic thing Yankees fans will boo: injuries to Yankees. Phillies fans, the challenge is met.
  • Awful Announcing provides a gut-wrenching emptying of the gut on a football field. Hey, guts aren’t so bad. I’d still like to gut up in Sophie Howard’s.
  • In case that last joke was too risque for the ladies,Playing the Field has some things they’d have preferred to see between Chris Cooley’s legs in that picture from last week. Surprisingly enough, Colt Brennan wasn’t one of them.
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