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St. Andrew's Net is With Leather's daily link dump. If you don't get your daily recommended dosage of links, your skeleton will fall out of your body. It happened to Johnny Carson and it can happen to you.

  • Joe Sports Fan's fan of the week has not one, count 'em two pair of Rec Specs on. If Gloria Velez added a second pair, it might be kind of weird, but we could make it work.
  • Scanner has video of a monkey named Ichiro beating a Jaoanese zookeeper with a tranquilizer gun. The real Ichiro would have said some dirty words first.
  • Mondesi's House reveals that Howard Stern character Beetlejuice is, in fact, a Steelers fan. He's already in the 98th percentile of fanbase attractiveness.
  • Looking for some chintzy NFL shit to buy? Deuce of Davenport has a fine assemblage of gaudy licensed baubles likely to make you cut up your credit cards. Which is fine. Not like hookers accept them anyway.
  • Morten Andersen might be Italian given his use of hands while talking. That or a With Leather writer.

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