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"Saint Andrew's Net" is With Leather's daily link dump, written by the bane of respectable journos and scrupulous primates alike, Michael Tunison. Expect sports and tits.

  • The Sports Point has pictures of a shirtless Vince Young dancing among other shirtless dudes. And who says he has no receivers?
  • Busted Coverage has a Preakness photo essay and East Coast Bias has a handy handicapping guide. Me? I have only the advice to stay very far away from Baltimore.
  • The Sporting Blog's Spencer Hall sits down with Aqua Teen Hunger Force co-creator Dan Willis, who would like to let you know "Mike Piazza needs to step up!"
  • Hashmarks (via SportsbyBrooks) reports Ricky Williams was invited to Cedric Benson's arresty boat party. Sorry, Ced, alcohol's not really the drug of choice there.
  • Deuce of Davenport introduces us to cheese racing. I'd like to introduce my meat racer to September Carrino. (NSFW)

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