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St. Andrew’s Net is With Leather’s daily link dump. After that speech last night, I think I’m all hoped out for a while.

  • Big League Stew notes struggling Giants starter Barry Zito can always fall back on his modeling career. Incidentally, i fall back on Ana Lucia Dominguez’s modeling career for my spank material.
  • A young Mets fan takes a tumble during BP on a video featured on FanIQ. Ouf. Trauma like that could stanch his hot streak from ovulating.
  • Mark Kotsay shows how enthused he is to arrive in Boston, as captured by The Sports Hernia. Buck up, buddy. You act like you’re black in Beantown or something.
  • Mouthpiece Blog has the story of a vegan who’s biking his way across the country while maintaining a vegan diet. And he plans on going through the South. I hear kudzu is tasty, if a little gamy.
  • Deadspin uncovers a nasty letter by Roger Ebert addressed to Jay Mariotti. Way to get on your high horse, asshat who gave Phantom Menace three and a half stars.
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