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"Saint Andrew's Net" is With Leather's daily link dump, written by the bane of respectable journos and scrupulous primates alike, Michael Tunison. Expect sports and tits.

  • Tirico Suave has the updated version of Roger Clemens' AT&T ad from last year. Those infidelity rates do beat the competition, I must say.
  • Deuce of Davenport profiles the surprisingly sedate Tennessee digs of Pacman Jones, now on the market with his departure to Dallas. It must have wonder stormwater management innovations.
  • Cold, Hard Football Facts (via Shutdown Corner) examines the 20 best pigskin nicknames of all-time. Conspiculously missing is Derek "Horse Balls" Anderson. SNUB!
  • Rumors and Rants gives to equal time to blow up dolls to respond to the White Sox scandal. Sorry dolls, I'm holding out for Daisy Marie (NSFW), or her slutty, non-union Mexican equivalent. 
  • FanIQ points out Alex Rodriguez's weakness during his wife's labor is emblematic of his on-field chokery. And that's why A-Rod goes for the superstrong shemale-type, who doesn't need the steady male presence, even to spot her on the bench press.

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