One Of The Best Fans In Baseball Got Naked And Passed Out In The Bathroom

08.01.15 4 years ago

Friday night was a really good one if you’re a St. Louis Cardinals fan. The Cardinals beat the Colorado Rockies, 7-0, giving the team its league-leading 66th win on the season and holding its lead over the Pittsburgh Pirates in the NL Central at 5.5 games.

One of the Best Fans In Baseball™ who attended the game at Busch Field either had a better night than anyone else, or the worst night out of anyone in the park. The details surrounding this picture are a bit unknown – it’s even possible that this guy isn’t a Cardinals fan – but all we know is that some dude apparently took off all of his clothes, and passed out on the floor of a bathroom.

This guy’s picture hasn’t appeared on @BestFansStLouis … yet.

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