St. Louis Had A Dog Parade And It Was Classier And More Intelligent Than Others

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Yeah, getcha some.

As with any Super Bowl, my favorite Monday pastime is reading everyone’s analysis of what they loved and hated, but with much more enthusiasm for the latter. My reason for this is that I simply like to turn my brain off and relax a little, because by the time the biggest game of the year has finally wrapped up, I need a little breather. Basically, I agree with Arian Foster that today should be Labor Day. That said, the leader in my clubhouse for best post-Super Bowl rant thus far goes to Will Leitch and his essay on the complete meltdown by CBS’ announcing team during the blackout last night.
Between Shannon Sharpe’s broken cliché machine and Bill Cowher actually suggesting that the San Francisco 49ers should bench Colin Kaepernick in the Super Bowl, I thought my head was getting close to a Scanners moment. Hell, they should have just brought out Rick Reilly and Kaepernick’s birth mother to finish us off.
That said, it’s an otherwise slow news day, unless you count a dog parade and I always count dog parades. This weekend, the fine people of St. Louis hosted the 19th annual Beggin’ Barkus Pet Parade in Soulard, according to the folks at KSDK 5, and there was even a lobster dog. Granted, it wasn’t THE Lobster Dog, but we take what we can get.

(Photos via KSDK and plenty more to view there.)

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