Stand-up Comic Jeff Dye’s Story About Mike Vanderjagt Is A Lesson In Self-Incrimination

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01.29.14 17 Comments

Jeff Dye

Some of the best shows that Comedy Central has ever produced have been their stand-up-centric series that feature popular comedians either performing their routines or simply telling stories in intimate settings, like on Pulp Comics and Dr. Katz, or Short Attention Span Theater to a lesser extent. That’s why I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the network’s web series, This is Not Happening, which features comedians telling incredible and crazy stories that they swear happened to them, all while they’re on stage at a strip club.

The latest clip features Jeff Dye telling a hilarious story about a crime that he committed, and it involves former Indianapolis Colts kicker Mike Vanderjagt and a police case that is potentially still open. Just in time for Super Bowl XLVIII!

I don’t ever like to be the guy that nitpicks a stand-up comic’s act, because I respect the trade and appreciate a guy busting his ass to make a living telling jokes (unless your name is Carlos Mencia), but it really sounded from the voicemails like Vanderjagt was being pretty cool about these guys stealing his Pro Bowl jersey not once but twice. Hopefully, he’s fibbing for the sake of humor, but if not, man, Dye’s walking around with some Pro Bowl-sized balls to be bragging about this.

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