This Obnoxious Stanford Fan Quickly Became The Best Meme Of The Bowl Season

If you’re a Stanford fan, you had an awesome New Year’s Day. The Cardinals beat the hell out of Iowa in the Rose Bowl, 45-16, behind a herculean performance by star running back Christian McCaffrey. It was one of the most dominant team performances in a bowl game this year, as Stanford scored 11 seconds into the game and never looked back.

Stanford also dominated the discussion on the Internet for reasons that had nothing to do with football. First, there was the team’s infamous marching band, which put on a performance that seemed to actively troll Iowa by playing the jingle from a Farmers Only commercial while a few people ran onto the field in a cow costume. It’s the kind of performance that you come to expect out of the most unique band in college football in that it was ultra-polarizing and the Iowa fans in attendance booed like crazy.

There was also this guy standing directly behind McCaffrey during his postgame interview who felt the need to scream a lot, via BroBible:

He was loud, he was passionate, and because someone was able to take a screenshot of him screaming, he became a meme that took over the Internet for a few hours after the game. Here were some of our favorites:

Finally, because it’s the Internet, someone decided to photoshop the crying Michael Jordan face onto McCaffrey’s head.