Steelers Coach Puts ESPN In Its Place

01.20.11 8 years ago 8 Comments

No matter how much you might hate the Steelers (or passively loathe them, as I do), it’s difficult to deny the awesomeness of head coach Mike Tomlin. In his four years in Pittsburgh, he already has won a Super Bowl and will be on his way to another with win against the Jets on Sunday. Plus he just looks cool, man. So it was forgivable–even appropriate, really–when Tomlin took a bite out of the ass of ESPN’s Bob Holtzman, who leaked news last week of a potential Steelers trick play before their game with the Ravens. Tomlin and Holtzman crossed paths at a press conference earlier this week.

Bob Holtzman, ESPN: [How] much time and preparation does it take to prepare for a Rex Ryan defense?

Mike Tomlin: It depends on whether you give him my plays, you know?

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Get him, Mike! I was pretty bent out of shape when I heard Holtzman’s report last week. Coaches and personnel will regularly tip off the media to plays that they might run for a certain game, with the understanding that such information is embargoed until kickoff. Holtzman committed a serious professional breach here, and I’m glad that he was called out for it. Holtzman strikes me as the kind of guy that would negotiate anal with a prostitute, only to take a stab at it anyway after being turned down. “It” being…well, you know…

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