10.27.06 11 years ago 8 Comments

I've been known to make fun of Pittsburgh and its fan base for… well, for being jackasses. Which is why I'm happy to bring you this video. This here is as good as it gets, my friends. It is absolutely imperative that you watch this. There's a lot of dead air until this becomes the best thing ever, though, so I've included a handy table of contents (below Mr. YouTube player) of how one Air Force cadet/Steeler fan likes to let off steam after class. 

0:21 — Stoops explains the situation.

3:03 — Pele comes in. "Class blew," he says.

3:30 — Stoops leaves.

4:15 — Pele puts on some 50 Cent. There's some impassioned head-bobbing as he starts to feel it.

4:43 — 50 Cent ain't doin' it, so he puts on a Steelers song. Apparently, yes, he has this on his iTunes.

5:11 — Everybody dance now.

It's a beautiful day, isn't it?

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