This Steeplechase Runner’s Faceplant Might Be The Most Terrifying Moment Of The Olympics

During the finals of the men’s steeplechase on Wednesday, we all witnessed the most singularly horrifying moment of the Rio Olympics so far. Heading into a barrier, Jacob Araptany of Uganda slipped, fell into the barrier, jacked his jaw and somehow avoided breaking his neck and/or getting trampled.

The thing about the steeplechase (and if you’re not familiar with steeplechase, it’s sort of like equestrian for humans, complete with a water jump) is that unlike regular hurdles, those barriers do not f*ck around. They are sturdy as hell and require several people to move into and out of place. They do not yield and they do not fall over when someone runs into them. If you hit a steeplechase barrier, you are wrecked, as Araptany demonstrated here.

Araptany, who had the second-best time in qualifying, did not finish the medal race. Probably because HE WRECKED HIS ENTIRE EVERYTHING ON THAT BARRIER.

We hope this leads to increased visibility for and interest in the steeplechase, the most noble non-horse-related event at the Olympics every four years. Just remember the most important part of steeplechase is not running face-first into that frigging barrier oh holy lord no.