Stefon Diggs Broke Out Some Awesome ‘Home Alone’ Cleats On Sunday


The NFL is slowly allowing players to show a bit more personality on the field with new rules allowing for team choreographed celebrations, which has resulted in some fantastic celebrations.

The league still has fairly strict rules about footwear being worn during games, but in pregame and during certain times of the season players are able to get creative with customized cleats. During “My Cause, My Cleats,” players were able to don special cleats for a charitable cause near and dear to their heart and there were some incredible looking cleats, including Eric Reid’s cleats that paid tribute to the history of protest.

We’ve also seen players having fun with custom cleats before games, and few break out more special kicks than Vikings receiver Stefon Diggs. On Sunday, with Christmas just two days away Diggs rocked a pair of Home Alone inspired cleats that were fantastic.

Home Alone is one of the most beloved Christmas movies, especially for those that were growing up when the movies came out in the 90s, and these cleats from Mache Custom Kicks are a pretty great tribute to the film.

One day the NFL will hopefully take a cue from the NBA and lift the restrictions on footwear players can wear during the game because the results would undoubtedly be fantastic.