Steinbrenner Still Dead, F*cking Up Everything

09.22.10 7 years ago 17 Comments

The New York Yankees are being forced to defend the gratuitious moment honoring their former principal owner George Steinbrenner. The plaque, at seven feet wide and over one quarter ton in weight, dwarfs those of the more famous Yankee players erected in famed Monument Park behind the center field wall, a tradition carried over into the new Yankee Stadium

“We think the monument is a tribute to the man The Boss was, larger than life. His spirit is encompassed by that monument, and there was no intention to make it bigger than the others just for the sake of doing it,” team president Randy Levine told the Daily News before Tuesday night’s game against the Rays. “We just felt that it was The Boss, the greatest owner in sports. He built (the new) Yankee Stadium. He did so much for so many people. And he made the Yankee brand a worldwide one and took it to heights that never have been reached.

“It was not made bigger in an attempt to have it be larger than the others. We just wanted to represent the spirit of George Steinbrenner.”

We didn’t make it bigger to make it…uh, bigger! We just wanted to make it bigger!

“Mr. Steinbrenner always was so proud of Monument Park and now it’s as if he’s overseeing the other monuments and plaques and the tradition that reside there,” [senior VP of marketing Debbie]Tymon said. –NY Daily News.

That’s ridiculous on so many levels. Steinbrenner was probably one of the worst owners in sports. How many owners were banned from their sport twice AND convicted of a felony. And nearly all of the great things that happened for that team in the 2000s were set in motion while he was cast away from the team. The YES Network? Totally fell into his lap.

The guy was a narcissist f*ck that terrorized everyone that worked for him, and didn’t win a damn thing until he was suspended long enough for the organization to build a team without him. That memorial is indefensible. Indefensible. Of all the great tradition that team has–all of its legendary players and championships–that’s the crown jewel in Monument Park? Disgusting. It makes me wish that we could bury that bastard a second time.

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