Where Did Steph Curry’s Birthday Cake Rank Among All-Time NBA Birthday Cakes?

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Steph Curry turned 28 on Monday, and did so in style — not just with another dazzling performance in securing the Golden State Warriors’ 60th win of the season, but with an honest-to-god birthday celebration, complete with adorable birthday song and a lavish cake, seen below:

The cake’s in gorgeous Warriors blue and gold, with the three-goggles hand sign that so defines his life as a topper. And if you’re wondering what that red feline is doing on top, it’s a Davidson Wildcat, the mascot of his alma mater. On the sides are listed some of his career accomplishments, which is only a good idea for a pro athlete — if I had a cake like that, all it would say on the side is, “Remains employed.”

Of course, Steph isn’t the only NBA star to be lavished with a luxurious confection over the past few years. For his 28th birthday back in 2014, LeBron had this monstrosity fit for, you guessed it, a king:

Steph’s cake is downright modest in comparison, considering that LeBron’s was a full six feet tall. Steph’s isn’t even the most extravagant cakewalk down memory lane we’ve seen this year — that would be Ray Allen’s 40th birthday cake, bedecked in all his jerseys:

Does this mean that Steph, in comparison to other NBA greats, is humble? Nah, because he still pulled insanity like this on his big day:

(H/t ESPN)