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I ordinarily stay away from media criticism because I like to keep the stink of donuts and failure off of me, but I'd like to take a break from that today to cordially invite professional sports journalist Stephen A. Smith to lick my balls.  Here's Smith's take on my profession (via SbB):

"And when you look at the internet business, what’s dangerous about it is that people who are clearly unqualified get to disseminate their piece to the masses. I respect the journalism industry, and the fact of the matter is …someone with no training should not be allowed to have any kind of format whatsoever to disseminate to the masses to the level which they can. They are not trained. Not experts. […]

"Therefore, there’s a total disregard, a level of wrecklessness that ends up being a domino effect. And the people who suffer are the common viewers out there and, more importantly, those in the industry who haven’t been fortunate to get a radio or television deal and only rely on the written word. And now they’ve been sabotaged. Not because of me. Or like me. But because of the industry or the world has allowed the average joe to resemble a professional without any credentials whatsoever."

Yeah!  And freedom of speech is bullshit, too! 

I guess somewhere in all that professional training to become an expert journalist, SAS never learned how to spell "recklessness."  But I guess that's what editors are for, eh Steve?  Or maybe he's just scared of a profession where writers get readers based on talent and having a voice that resonates with people.  Because he sure as shit doesn't have that.

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