Stephen A. Smith Is Leaving ESPN Radio For Sirius Following His Rant On Domestic Abuse

07.27.14 4 years ago 11 Comments
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Stephen A. Smith went from being a loud, annoying sports personality on ESPN First Take to being a loud, annoying jackass, all in a matter of seconds. When he said that women shouldn’t “provoke wrong actions” in reference to Ray Rice going Buster Douglas on his wife, quite a few took exception to it. He was then forced to take to Twitter and defend himself, but the damage had been done.

Now we’re here a few days after and the New York Daily News is reporting that Smith is leaving ESPN radio for the uncensored shores of Sirius XM and Mad Dog Radio. From The New York Daily News:

Last May, Chris (Mad Dog) Russo said he was unable to find a black host “who is worthy of doing a national (sports) talk (radio) show.” It appears his, and the people running SiriusXM’s “Mad Dog Radio” channel, search is over.

Stephen A. Smith will soon leave ESPN-98.7 FM and take his verbal stylings to SXM’s “MDR,” where he will host his own show, according to satellite radio sources. Smith currently co-hosts a 1 p.m.-3 p.m. program with Ryan Ruocco on 98.7.

I want to start by saying that I’d rather chew on razor wire than listen to Mad Dog Radio. Chris Russo is the kind of irritating that is above and beyond what I can handle. The fact that he has his own radio “station” and a show on MLB Network is beyond me. I assume that screaming about the Giants is entertaining.

I couldn’t think of a better home for Stephen A. Smith, though. They’re basically cut from the same, loud cloth. It’s a perfect mixture of everything I hate about sports media in one spot.

The Daily News finds it curious that Smith would want to go to Sirius though, especially considering his previous stance on his future in radio:

On one level, Smith’s apparent decision to move to SXM is surprising. It was only two weeks ago when Smith, on the air, suggested his radio days were numbered. “Ryan Ruocco can have the show,” SAS said at the time. “I have enough on my plate (with TV opportunities). (via)

Does it have something to do with his comments from First Take? ESPN has been mum on the subject since the segment aired, so there’s no official word. But the speculation train is in full motion and I’d assume you’d hear something on Monday concerning any major changes.

(Via Deadspin / New York Daily News)

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