Stephen A. Smith Hung Out With A Pantsless Jamie Foxx On ‘First Take’ For Some Reason

ESPN’s First Take is broadcasting from Los Angeles this week, and special Jamie Foxx is here to make it incredibly weird. Foxx showed up on set to offer some, well, takes, but also to mostly impersonate Stephen A. Smith himself.

Foxx is actually pretty good at mimicking his voice and the bombastic way he talks. But he took it one step further by adding some special effects to the mix, adding in eyebrows and throwing on a suit to complete the look. The joke is that Foxx is actually Cleveland A. Smith, Stephen’s twin brother.

It appears that Smith is in on this the entire time, and he seems to be enjoying himself quite a bit. Foxx, for some reason, isn’t wearing any pants during this process, which I understand is something that newscasters sometimes do but I’m not familiar with Smith in particular doing it.

The whole thing seems to have taken place in a hotel room, for some reason. At one point, Smith throws Foxx on a couch and pretends to start punching him. It’s all a bit bizarre, but everyone seems to be having fun with it. Though the real Smith does seem pretty exhausted by the act by the end.

When Foxx did appear on the show, he kept up the voice and tried to match Stephen A’s schtick. But no one can out Steven A. the original.

Unfortunately, he doesn’t ever say words like “crab rangoon” or things of that nature. Foxx may watch First Take, but he probably isn’t big into Weird Twitter.