Stephen A. Smith Got Called Out By His Own Colleague After This Dumb Tweet About Jay Cutler

Arizona Cardinals v Chicago Bears
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Jay Cutler went down with what appeared to be a pretty significant hamstring injury during the Bears’ week two game against the Cardinals on Sunday. Cutler, who has had a pretty shaky start to his 2015 campaign, was ruled out for the rest of the game and could miss time beyond that.

ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith responded to the injury by sending out a tweet which basically celebrated Cutler’s injury. Not only was it in poor taste, but it also used some poor grammar. Not a good look for The Worldwide Leader.

As you can imagine, the tweet irked a lot of Smith’s 2.4 million followers, including one of his own ESPN colleagues. Fellow network personality Robert Flores called out Smith for his classless hot take.

It’s not very often you see ESPN personalities turn on each other but, in this case, there’s no question that Smith deserved the criticism. Regardless, would anybody be surprised if Flores got in a bit of trouble from his bosses for being the voice of reason here? That’s typically the way these things work at ESPN.