10.30.07 10 years ago 71 Comments

Um, this one is kinda tough for me to wrap my head around, so I'm just gonna quote from this FanHaus post titled Stephon Marbury's Life as a Telenovela

Chris Webber is engaged to a South African celebrity named Cleopatra Mariri. Cleopatra has a friend, Chichi Letswalo, who used to be a soap opera star in native South Africa. Her show got canceled, though, which led to her mansion being repossessed. Chichi came to America reportedly looking for "a rich man and a job." C-Webb, being a nice fellow, got his lady's best friend hooked up with a job in New York City… as Stephon Marbury's nanny. She is paid $140 a week (plus room and board).

Wow.  The porn industry could take all the childhood pets, street names, and middle names in all of America and never come up with a name as awesome as Chichi Letswalo.  Seriously: a South African nanny named Chichi Letswalo.  And she works for an employee of the sexual harassing-est company in all of New York.  You'd have to put Rohypnol in the Daytona water supply during spring break to set up a story with more groping.

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