The Trailer For The Steve Gleason Documentary Is Wonderful, Life Affirming, And A Must Watch

Steve Gleason was responsible for one of the most famous moments in New Orleans Saints history when, in 2006, Gleason blocked a punt against the Falcons in the team’s first game back in the SuperDome following Hurricane Katrina. Just five years later, he was diagnosed with ALS.

Despite his disease, Gleason is still serving as an inspiration for many as he has not let his disease stop him from living his life to the fullest and being there for his family.

Gleason began to document his life for his unborn son back in 2011, and that footage is a large part of what makes up the new documentary film simply titled Gleason that is playing at the Sundance Film Festival. In the powerful trailer, Gleason is shown regressing physically from his normal self into a person who was progressively more and more affected by the disease. Still, Gleason wouldn’t let ALS prevent him from being a dad to his son River, who was born in the same year that he was diagnosed.

Interestingly, it was footage from Gleason and filmmaker Sean Pamphlion that was leaked that led to the infamous BountyGate scandal, although Gleason has publicly criticized Pamphlion’s decision to release the footage.

Aside from the BountyGate angle, though, the movie promises to be an emotional roller coaster that is receiving glowing reviews. The rights have already been purchased by Amazon, and they will reportedly partner with Open Road Films for a theatrical release. It’s looking like a must see, although chances are you’ll have to bring a tissue or two.