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Former UCLA basketball coach Steve Lavin is getting married to actress Mary Jarou (pictured), who you may remember from nothing at all.  But whatever, she's good-looking, so hooray for Steve.  Too bad you can't go to their wedding, even if you were invited.  Lavin sent an email out to his invited guests, which read in part:

Unexpectedly we have received a stunning 95% RSVP on sent out wedding invitations. As a result, our wedding guest list has far exceeded the maximum capacity for a traditional ceremony and reception at The Montage Resort. After giving serious consideration to alternative plans we have decided the best option at this late stage is to head to Europe to create a magical wedding day.

Please accept our sincere apologies for any inconveniences this change in our wedding plans may have caused you… We will be sure to send you photos of our wedding upon our return from Europe.

Oh, but they'll send pictures!  You'll feel like you're right there!

Man, how many times has this happened to all of us.  You plan your lavish wedding at a resort and spa in Laguna Beach, then get too many RSVPs, so you have to elope to Europe instead.  I just feel bad for their friends Daddy Warbucks, Bruce Wayne, and the Monopoly guy.  If I were them I'd re-think buying Steve and Mary the diamond-encrusted flatscreen made of gold that was on their wedding register.

(Thanks to Boi from Troy, who I heard really likes the Bruins) 

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