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Every now and again, I like to place the With Leather spotlight on athletes who aren't drunk driving or screwing hookers or organizing dogfighting syndicates or punching strippers or fathering children out of wedlock or assaulting or stabbing people. Today is one such instance.

Steve Nash worries about Chinese orphans.  Yao Ming is from China.  So after a Suns-Rockets game last March, Nash approached Yao about helping all those orphans in the Houston center's home country.  And looky what they did!  From TrueHoop:

On September 14, in Beijing, Steve Nash, Carmelo Anthony, Greg Oden, Bonzi Wells, Derek Fisher, Baron Davis, Chuck Hayes, and Leandro Barbosa… will play in a charity game against Yao Ming and the Chinese National team.

It will be televised on China's CCTV, and the stadium is expected to be sold out. The hope is to raise in the neighborhood of a million dollars to be distributed to the charities of choice: Chi Heng, a privately funded non-profit that works with children with AIDS; the Special Olympics (with World Summer Games next month in Shanghai); and the China Youth Development Foundation.

Sa-weet.  We're gonna kick some communist ass for charity.  Retard charity, even.  You're welcome, godless heathens.  U-S-A!  U-S-A!  (…umm, and Canada, I guess. As if Steve Nash had anything to do with this.)

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