Steve Smith Offers Up A Simple, Straightforward Take On Bengals Vs Steelers

Associate Editor

On the list of NFL players who aren’t afraid to speak their minds, few (if any) are above Steve Smith. The delightfully candid wide receiver missed the second half of the season due to a torn achilles tendon, so he hasn’t been around much lately. But fortunately for all of us, Smith made a cameo on SportsCenter to talk about the NFL playoffs and was afforded the opportunity to talk about two of Baltimore’s biggest rivals – the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Cincinnati Bengals.

The two AFC North sides will face off in a conference wild card game on Saturday night, so Smith went on to provide a little insight as to which team he thinks will come out on top. It should be an awesome game, as the teams split the season series with one another, so trying to pick a winner is pretty difficult. It’s also difficult to pick a winner if you’re like Smith and you hate both teams, so when he was asked to pick a winner, he gave a simple, straight-faced answer: “I hope both teams lose.”

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