Steve Smith Threatened Santa, Proving Once Again He’s The Greatest Trash Talker

12.16.15 3 years ago
steve smith santa

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After tearing his Achilles tendon during what he said was his final season, Steve Smith may have played his last game of football. But he’s still Steve Smith, which means he’s as brash and witty as ever, even when he’s participating in a charity event for underprivileged kids. Smith was with several Ravens teammates at a Baltimore-area Target store, giving away $200 shopping sprees. It looks like it was a great time:

In a sense, by giving away toys and presents to those kids, Smith is competing with Santa. And when Steve Smith competes against you, you’re going to hear about it:

Smith was his usual charismatic and energetic self. He even seemed to trash talk Santa, saying, “You come down my chimney in the middle of the night, that’s going to be your last delivery.”

That’s such classic Steve Smith that one might expect it to come out of a Frank Caliendo impression, but more importantly, it tells an amazing short story. Just imagine a holly, jolly Saint Nick shimmying down the chimney with his satchel of gifts, hoping to see a plate of milk and cookies, only to emerge at the bottom to see Smith, with a gleam of fiendish delight in his eyes, waiting for him.

Smith doesn’t have any weapons — he scraps with his hands. And even though Santa outweighs him by a good 150 pounds, Smith is no stranger to dominating larger foes, and he’d have no problem with the unsuspecting Father Christmas. Ice up, Santa.


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